What’s new, Release W005.09.10

What’s new

Invoice partial payments are now also available in the iOS/Android and Web App similarly to
our Windows App version. This feature allows you to record advance payments, partial
payments for any of your issued invoices. In addition we added further list options to filter
invoices based on outstanding balance, total paid, total invoice value.

In the BizXpert menu we added two new menu points.

Knowledge center: Here you can find the most important informations, news and updates.

Contact: Here you have the option to contact us directly. Inquries will be forwarded to our
specialists to shorten response time.

We added separate Shipping and Billing addresses and you can select which address you
want to show on the invoice.

We also updated our notifications. From now on every time a new update is out, push
notification will be sent out.

At BizXpert we like colors! We added two new invoice templates: Cape Colibri and Focused

After the update you may add more than one email address to a partner. These new emails
will automatically load in when sending new invoices.

Bug fixes and performance impovements

Where contact name is missing in the email correspondence, BizXpert will automatically use
the company name.

On the upgrade page the name of the company will be shown so you see which account you
are changing.

BizXpert template design options can be selected on your mobile devices.

Partner category list correction.

Closing dates correction after filtering.

Invoice balance calcluation correction.

Menu point structure correction.

BizXpert logo update on invoices.