How to Print, Send and Export to PDF Your Invoices

You can find and manage (edit, print, send, delete, manage payments, etc.) your invoices in the My invoices menu that is available on the Dashboard.

1. Click on the My invoices menu on the Dashboard and the list of your invoices will appear.

2. By selecting item(s) from the list (pulling the item up or down or right click) you will see manage options in the menu. You can Print or Export to Excel the selected invoice(s).

Manage invoices

3. Or open the selected invoice and the invoice details window will open.

Manage invoice

– By clicking on the Save and Send icon  you can send or resend your invoice via BizXpert application to the e-mail address of your client.

– By clicking on the Save and Print icon you can print or re-print your invoice.

– By clicking on the Export to PDF icon you can save your invoice in PDF format.

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